Not only a water treatment service, but also a care and protection. We understand the importance of water for both you and ourselves.


With experience and expertise, we are fully confident that we are able to undertake large-scale projects. Beside, we are also adept at detecting and handling the smallest problems.

Wastewater Treatment

The process and technology of wastewater treatment is very complex and selected based on wastewater’s characteristics, investment costs and the degree of automation.

Purified water filter

The water sources around the production facilities are often not guaranteed quality to serve for the production lines. Therefore, it is necessary to go through pure water treatment.

Operation & Maintenance

Water treatment systems are operate continuously and are necessary to have operators for the system to be effective.This helps ensure the quality of the outlet water and save chemical costs.

Máy Lọc Nước Mặn

Nước mặn gây ra nhiều ảnh hưởng tiêu cực cho các hoạt động sản xuất. Chúng tôi cung cấp máy lọc nước mặn thành nước ngọt, công suất đa dạng, phù hợp với nhiều nhu cầu khác nhau.

Prepared chemicals

Water treatment chemicals is used in a certain concentration, depending on the technology. Exact preparation of required concentration affects the efficiency of the treatment process.

Quick measurement of on-site water quality

In order to operate efficiently, factories need to know what the current water quality is. Applying technology to quickly measure the quality of water on-site, with high accuracy helps a lots for the factory.

How much does the wastewater treatment system cost?

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Why are there many customers who have been with us for such a long time and still going on? Because we understand, listen and act for the benefit of our customers.


We have cooperated with Navitechco for a long time (from 2012 to present) when Navitechco built and installed hospital wastewater treatment system. Since then, we are assured of continuing system maintenance and chemical delivery to Navitechco.

Mr Tan, Head of Administration Department of Hoa Hao Health Center


Only cooperated with Navitechco in the first months of 2018 with the project of Domestic wastewater treatment system – capacity 600m3/d but Navitechco has shown to be a professional wastewater treatment contractor. In the process of construction, there is always interaction between the two parties, Navitechco always has a technician directly supervising at the construction site and solving all problems so that the project is on schedule. That proves the sense of responsibility and experience of the staff.

Mr. Binh, Head of M&E Department of Pharmaceutical Pharma Joint Stock Company


In 2014, Navitechco designed, built and installed a seafood wastewater treatment system with a capacity of 1500m3/ day. Construction time is behind schedule but the quality of the works is always guaranteed. The operators are experienced so after loading the system quickly put into stable operation and handover immediately.

Ms Cham, Head of Administration Department of Con Dao Import Export Seafood Processing Joint Stock Company







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